Truthfully, if this is what I am saying.

Hipster Racism

Does calling hipster racism “hipster” pin the practice on that particular subculture?

Because calling it hipster makes it seem like it’s something only hipsters do, and people really strongly identify against that hipster label. 

"That’s hipster racism" leads into "I’m not a hipster!"

Also, most of the so-called hipster racism I get comes from intellectual types- well educated, clever ivy league folk that would neither self-identify or be externally identified as a hipster.

"I’m so cool/ironic that I’m going to say something racist/appropriate a culture and you’ll know I don’t REALLY mean it" is giving way to "I’m so liberal and educated that I get to say racist things to make a point/be funny/make fun of people who really ARE racist, unlike me. Going by this example, is the term hipster racism limited by its modifier?

Do we need another word for this very specific failure of irony?

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