Truthfully, if this is what I am saying.

oh man oh man

I know I’m posting a lot today but my hormones are all in a tizzy right about now.

So there I was on campus walking around with my braids in the breeze looking, to my knowledge, like tyra in ‘95. 

And I run into this white dude in my urban studies class who I had messaged in a panic earlier about a project we had due tomorrow and he hails me over like so, like so…

And idk what happened I’ve seen this kid everywhere before but just looking into his eyes that one second I was like BOOM WENT THE MOON.

Maybe it’s the scruffy little beard. Maybe it’s because he cut all his hair off. Maybe I’ve never noticed he had such pretty eyes before. I have no idea.

But I know in that moment that I would hit that like the fist of an angry god if I had the chance.

Who knew?

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