Truthfully, if this is what I am saying.

death and the body class you guys.

My professor, a young white cis woman was talking about how in the 70s and 80s there was a huge push to get women to join archaeology:

"So now I go to conferences and everyone there looks like me, they don’t look like you-” she says as she addresses a dark-skinned, dark-haired man who could be of indigenous descent going by his features. “All the archaeologists I know are white! They worked so hard to get women in and now I think maybe there should be efforts to get more kinds of diversity in the field.”

Uh, maybe it’s because POC don’t feel the need to go into somebody else’s land and dig up their dead ancestors in the name of “science.” That is literally the whitest thing I can ever possibly imagine someone having the urge to do. Going into someone else’s homeland, stealing their treasures, disturbing their dead, and putting the dead bodies/stolen goods in a museum for other white people to look at to affirm their sense of superiority in the world. Yep. That’s pretty damn white. 

So no I won’t be joining the colonialism archaeology major. 

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